Integration overview for the TagTracker plugin - TagTracker 3.0

TagTracker Plugin Guide 3.0

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TagTracker 3.0
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To integrate the TagTracker plugin into Security Center you must follow a sequence of steps.

The following table lists the tasks required for the integration with Security Center.
Step Task Where to find more information
Understand prerequisites and key issues before deploying
1 Learn what you can do using the plugin.
2 Before installing the plugin, read the release notes to learn about the new features, the known issues, and the limitations.
3 Learn about the different components and how they connect together.
4 Ensure that the server where the plugin will be installed meets the recommended system requirements and is running a compatible version of Security Center.
Prepare Security Center
5 Verify that the Security Center license has a valid certificate for the plugin. Go to the Config Tool home page, click About > Certificates, and confirm that TagTracker is in the list.
Deploy the plugin
6 On a Security Center server, download and install the plugin.
7 Grant users the privileges that they need to use the plugin.
  • Required privileges.
  • Administrators need the Add roles, Delete roles, and Plugins privileges.
  • Security Desk operators need the View TagTracker reports privilege.
8 In Config Tool, create the TagTracker plugin role.
9 Schedule regular cleaning and backup of the plugin database.
10 (Optional) Change the configuration to suit your particular needs.
Enroll and configure the devices
11 (For USB scanners) On a workstation, install and configure the TagTracker Bridge.
12 Add scanners and cameras.