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For investigations, you can export the details of a single transaction from the Monitoring, Transactions, and Item transactions tasks.

Before you begin

  • In the Video options section of the Options task in Security Desk, configure your video settings.
  • In the Transaction Finder section of the Options task in Security Desk, select a folder to export your data.
  • Select the fields to include.

What you should know

  • The following files are created during the export:
    • One CSV file that contains the transaction data.
    • One RTF file that contains the same transaction data.
    • A PNG image from each attached camera.
    • A video file from the attached cameras.
  • If video is unavailable, only the CSV and RTF files are exported.
  • If you choose to export video in the G64x format, only one video file is created. The file contains the video from all linked cameras.
  • Usernames, camera names, and timestamps are not written to video snapshots, even when the Write camera name and timestamp and Write user name video options are selected.


  1. Open a Security Desk task that displays transactions. Your choices include:
    • the event pane in the Monitoring task
    • the Transactions report
    • the Item transactions report
  2. Double-click a transaction to open it in a video tile, and then select the tile.
  3. In the dashboard, review the transaction details, click Export ().
    NOTE: In the Monitoring task, the button is disabled until the transaction being viewed is complete.
  4. In the Export settings dialog box, enter a file name and select a file format, then click Export.
    NOTE: If the export fails, you will receive a warning message to check the logs for more information.
    The transaction details and video are exported to the designated folder.
  5. (Optional) To create an incident report in Security Center, in the Export settings dialog box, click the arrow on the Export button, and select Export and create incident.