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Operators are notified when transaction data is received from an unknown cash register. This event is intended to help system integrators and administrators add new cash registers to the system.

Unknown terminal event

When an unknown cash register sends the Transaction Finder plugin a transaction, the custom event Transaction received from an unknown terminal is raised. The event contains the store name or ID, the cash register ID, and the timestamp recorded in the transaction.

Only the first transaction for the cash register triggers this event. Subsequent transactions from the unknown register are silenced for 12 hours. After 12 hours, if a new transaction is received from the unknown registers, a new event is raised.


No special configuration is required to receive the unknown register event notification.

When the Transaction Finder plugin is deployed as described in this guide, any connected Security Desk workstations can receive this event. You do not need to add anything to the Monitoring events list. When the event is raised, it is displayed in the event list on all Security Desk workstations, even those that do not have the plugin installed.

Event to action

You can use this event to create an event-to-action. For example, to send an email to a store manager when an unknown register is detected.

Event shown in Monitoring task

The event is raised on the Transaction Finder system. When raised, the event is displayed in all Monitoring tasks.

Silence the event on a workstation

You can silence the unknown cash register event for a workstation from the Event options page in Security Desk.

Event shown locally, not on Federation™ host

The Federation™ host at the central office does not receive the "Transaction received from an unknown terminal". Only the local store receives this event.

Event shown in real time only

This event is intended to help system integrators and administrators add new cash registers to the system. For this reason, the event is not captured in any reports.

How to register an unknown cash register

Follow the instructions in Adding a cash register.