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When failover is enabled for the plugin role and your POS parsers are deployed remotely, you must configure a proxy server to redirect traffic to the standby failover server.

Traffic redirection is not required when using the parser is installed locally with the plugin because the standby server hosts both the plugin role and local parsers.

Example failover deployment

The following image provides an example of how failover might be deployed.

NOTE: How you configure traffic redirection depends on your network infrastructure, firewalls, routers, and routing tables, which is outside of the scope of this guide.
  • The POS terminals send transactions to the Transaction Finder parser.
  • The Transaction Finder parser is remote from the plugin role as it is installed on a separate computer.
  • The parser forwards transactions to the proxy server.
  • The proxy server directs traffic to whichever plugin role is currently available. If the plugin role fails over to TW-SC-2, the proxy server redirects to traffic from the remote parser to TW-SC-2.
  • Both the main and secondary plugin roles are configured to connect to the remote parser, the SQL database, and the Elasticsearch database.
  • The SQL database runs on a separate server.
  • The Elasticsearch database runs on a separate server, and in this example is set up as a cluster.