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You can monitor multiple remote POS sites from a central office by setting up Federation™. This lets you monitor incoming transactions and generate reports for Transaction Finder entities from the Federation™ host.

Before you begin

  • Understand Federation™.
  • Deploy the plugin and integrate the POS system with Security Center on each remote site.
  • Read the release notes to learn about known issues and limitations that affect the use of Federation™ for this plugin.

What you should know

  • When using Federation™ to query a terminal on a remote system, the value of the Source field is left blank.
  • It is not possible to control the Transaction Finder entities from the Federation™ host.


  1. Open Config Tool on the server that host Federation™.
  2. Add the Transaction Finder base license (part number GSC-1P-TRANSACFINDER-BASE).
  3. Install the Transaction Finder plugin.
  4. Create a Transaction Finder plugin role.
    You do not connect the role to anything. This step is just to add the plugin entities to the host.
  5. Set up a Security Center Federation™.
    Create a Federation™ role for each remote site that hosts the Transaction Finder plugin role.
  6. Deactivate and then re-activate the Federation™ role.
    The Transaction Finder entities (parsers and terminals) are displayed in the entity browser of the Federation™ host.
  7. Expand the Federation™ host role and confirm that the parser and terminal entities are listed in the entity browser.
  8. If the entities are missing, restart the Main server for the Federation™ host.
  9. (Optional) Delete the Transaction Finder plugin role that you created in step 4.
    NOTE: If the role is not deleted, you might see an role offline warnings when performing transactions.
  10. In the Monitoring task, add the terminal entities to the event monitoring list.