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In reporting tasks related to Transaction Finder, when you double-click on a transaction, video of the transaction is displayed if the point-of-sale system that has a camera mapped to it.

Transaction video playback states

There are three possible transaction video playback states when you click on a transaction:
  • If cameras are mapped to the terminal, video of the transaction is displayed.
  • If there are cameras mapped to the terminal, but there was no video recorded, the video tile will display a message that says: "No recorded video during the transaction."

  • If there are no cameras not mapped to the terminal, the video tile displays a terminal icon.

Video overlays

Videos of transactions feature an overlay in the top right corner, which informs operators of the following:
  • The amount of time before playback of the selected transaction starts.
  • When the selected transaction is being displayed in the video.
  • The amount of time that has elapsed after the end of the transaction.