Importing components of a UTC Advisor Master and Advanced panel - UTC Advisor Master and Advanced 3.0

UTC Advisor Master and Advanced Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.0

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UTC Advisor Master and Advanced 3.0
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UTC Advisor Master and Advanced

After the intrusion panel is added to Security Center, you can import all connected components into Security Center. These components include areas, inputs (zones), outputs, and peripheral modules.

What you should know

  • For the import to succeed, the following settings on the intrusion detection unit must match the corresponding settings on the panel:
    • IP address
    • Port
    • Panel Address
    • Code or Password/PIN
    • PIN
  • For components that are already represented by entities in Security Center, during an import, the entity is:
    • updated when its ID number matches the ID number of the component configured on the panel.
    • deleted when its ID number does not match the ID number of the component on the panel.
    Example: Your intrusion detection unit has an area with the ID number set to 3. On the panel, there are no areas with ID number 3. During an import, area 3 is deleted from Security Center.
  • Settings related to how Security Center responds to incoming events are unaffected by the import. So the values configured for connection timeouts, alarms, custom events, badging, and entity on event remain unchanged after an import.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Expand the Intrusion Manager role, and then select the intrusion detection unit from the entity pane.
  3. Click the Import tab, and then click the Import button.

After you finish

  • Check the Areas, Inputs, Outputs, and Modules tabs to confirm that all entities are listed as expected.
  • Configure the areas, inputs, and modules that you imported.