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To create PIV-, PIV-I-, or CIV-compatible cards, create a 128-bit or 200-bit custom card format in Security Center.

Before you begin

Configure the Mercury controller.

What you should know

You only need to create the 200-bit custom card format if you are using a Security Center version earlier than 5.8. As of 5.8, the FASC-N 200 bits format is native in Security Center.


  1. In Config Tool, create a custom card format with the following settings:
    • 128-bit or 200-bit format length
    • 1 Wiegand field with a mask of 0-127 for a 128-bit card format, or 0-199 for a 200-bit card format
    • 128-bit format named "128" or the 200-bit format named "200"
      NOTE: Use the file names "128" or "200" without altering them in any way, or the HID pivCLASS workstation will be unable to register the card formats.

    For more information about configuring custom card formats, see Creating custom card formats.

  2. In the Config Tool Area view task, select the reader and set the mode to OSDP2, then disable Secure mode.
    For more information on Secure mode, see Adding OSDP (Secure Channel) readers to a Mercury controller.
  3. For Synergis™ Softwire 11.1 and later, enable the custom card formats on the Mercury controller:
    1. Log on to your Synergis™ unit, and click Configuration > Mercury controller settings.
    2. Expand the Long credential formats section, enter 128 or 200, and click Add. Both card formats can be added if required.
    3. Click Save.
  4. For Synergis™ Softwire versions earlier than 11.1, enable the custom card formats on the Mercury controller:
    1. Go to <IP address>/smc/browser.html#page=/MercuryEP/UnitWide/Browse and click the link on the redirect page.
    2. Scroll down and click either one or both of the following links:
      • Enable 128 bit Custom Card format
      • Enable 200 bit Custom Card format


The custom card format is registered on the Synergis™ unit and synchronized to the Mercury controller.