Integration overview for Vanderbilt SPC intrusion panels - SPC intrusion panel 3.1

Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.1

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SPC intrusion panel 3.1
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Integrating Vanderbilt SPC intrusion panels in Security Center consists of a series of steps that need to be followed in sequence.

Step Description Where to find more information
Learn about the release
1 Read the release notes. Learn about any known issues, limitations, supported software, and other information about this release of the extension.
Install the extension
2 Make sure your system meets the Security Center and SPC requirements.
3 Verify that your Security Center license has a valid certificate for the Vanderbilt SPC extension. From the Config Tool home page, click About > Certificates to confirm that SPC is on the list.
  • The license number is included in the product-release email sent by Genetec Inc. This email also includes links to the extension download package and other license information.
  • If you need to acquire a new license, refer to License options for the Vanderbilt SPC extension.
4 Make sure you have the required Security Center user privileges for intrusion panel integration. Granting user privileges for an intrusion panel integration
5 On the Security Center server, download the extension and install it. Downloading and installing the Vanderbilt SPC extension
Configure your Vanderbilt SPC intrusion panels
6 Using the SPC Pro application, configure your SPC intrusion panels to communicate over an IP network.
Configure the extension
7 In Config Tool, create an Intrusion Manager role. Creating the Intrusion Manager role
8 Configure the properties of the Vanderbilt SPC extension. Configuring the Vanderbilt SPC extension properties
9 Create intrusion detection units in Security Center for each of your intrusion panels. Creating the intrusion detection unit for SPC integration
10 Configure the properties for the intrusion detection units.
11 (Optional) Assign a logical ID or a description to the inputs and outputs of your intrusion detection units. Configuring inputs and outputs for Vanderbilt SPC integration
12 Assign cameras to monitor your intrusion detection areas. Mapping intrusion detection areas to cameras
13 Create event-to-actions using the custom events created by the Vanderbilt SPC extension in Security Center.