Intrusion detection area widget - SPC intrusion panel 3.1

Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.1

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SPC intrusion panel 3.1
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When an intrusion detection area is displayed in a tile in Security Desk, you can arm or disarm the area, and interact with intrusion alarms using the Intrusion detection area widget.

The Intrusion detection area widget is described in the following table:
NOTE: Some commands might be unavailable if you lack a necessary privilege, or the command is not supported by the intrusion panel you are using.
Button Command Description
Disarm Disarms the intrusion detection area. Sensor activity in the area is ignored by the intrusion panel.
Arm Arms the intrusion detection area. The following options are available:
Arms all sensors in the intrusion detection area. Any sensor can trigger the alarm when activated.
Arms only the sensors designated to be on the perimeter. Activity on sensors inside the area, such as motion detectors, is ignored.
Arms the area immediately.
Arms the area after a delay. If you do not specify a specific duration, the panel default is used.
If the area is not ready for normal arming, this option forcefully arms the area. Force temporarily ignores active or troubled sensors during the arming sequence. If an ignored sensor ever returns to a normal state while armed, future activity can trigger the alarm.
If the area is not ready for normal arming, this option automatically bypasses active or troubled sensors before arming the area. Sensors remain bypassed while the area is armed. Disarming the area removes the bypass.
Trigger intrusion alarm Trigger an intrusion alarm on the selected intrusion detection area.
Silence alarm If there is an active alarm on the selected intrusion detection area, stop the siren on the intrusion panel from beeping. Depending on your intrusion panel and the type of alarm, clicking Silence alarm might also acknowledge the alarm.

For example, with Bosch intrusion panels using Mode 2, Burglary alarms are acknowledged from Security Desk, but Fire alarms must be acknowledged on the panel keypad.

Acknowledge alarm Acknowledge the intrusion alarm on the selected intrusion detection area.