Supported intrusion detection features for a Vanderbilt SPC integration - Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Panel 3.3.0

Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.3.0

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Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Panel 3.3.0
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Discover the intrusion detection features that are supported in Security Center for an integration with Vanderbilt SPC intrusion panels.

The following table lists the standard features for all Security Center intrusion detection integrations. For each feature, one of the following is shown:
Feature is offered by the intrusion panel and is available in Security Center.
Feature is offered by the intrusion panel, but is unavailable in Security Center.
Not applicable
Feature is not offered by the intrusion panel.
Feature Supported
Serial connection No
TCP/IP connection Yes
Data encryption over TCP/IP Yes
Status monitoring
Report online and offline status of intrusion detection units in real time Yes
Intrusion detection area states Master armed Yes
Perimeter armed Yes
Alarm silenced No
Disarmed Yes
Ready-to-arm Yes
Intrusion alarm active Yes
Input trouble Yes
Entry delay No
Near real-time status monitoring of inputs and outputs   Yes
Input entity states Normal Yes
Active Yes
Trouble Yes
Alarm Yes
Bypassed Yes
Event reporting    
Report events from offline units automatically upon reconnection Yes
Intrusion detection unit events Unit connected Yes
Unit lost Yes
AC fail Yes
Battery fail Yes
Tamper Yes
Intrusion detection area events Master armed Yes
Perimeter armed Yes
Disarmed Yes
Auto-arming postponed No
Forced arming No
Duress Yes
Entry delay started No
Intrusion alarm silenced No
Intrusion alarm activated Yes
Controlling units and devices  
Trigger alarms on intrusion detection areas Yes
Silence alarms from intrusion detection areas No, but you can silence the physical alarm
Acknowledge alarms from intrusion detection areas Yes
Arm areas Instant master Yes
Delayed master Yes
Arming delay (Override default delay) Yes
Instant perimeter Yes
Delayed perimeter Yes
Forced No
Bypass No
Bypass inputs Yes
Trigger outputs on intrusion detection units Yes
Authentication between intrusion detection unit and Intrusion Manager role Not applicable
Create intrusion detection areas automatically Yes
Create input entities automatically Yes
Create output entities automatically Yes
Link input entities to intrusion detection areas automatically Yes
Associate custom events to incoming PIN events No
Keep clock on panel synchronized with Security Center No
Link cardholders to users on the intrusion detection unit No
Modify user PIN credentials No