Adding Security Center Cameras to the Video Translator system - Video Translator 4.0

Video Translator Plugin Guide 4.0

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Video Translator 4.0
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To view Security Center cameras in Video Translator, information must be entered into the Video Translator System Adminstration application.


  1. Open the Video Translator System Administration application.
  2. In the Menu bar, click Video > Digital Video.
  3. Click the Camera tab.
  4. Click Add, and enter the following information:
    Name of the Security Center camera.
    Select the recorder that you created for the Security Center Directory.
    Camera ID
    Logical ID of the Security Center camera. For more information see the Security Center Adminstrator Guide.
    Display Motion Detection Alarms
    Select this option to enable Security Centermotion detection events to be seen in the Alarm Monitoringapplication.
  5. Click OK.


The Security Center camera is added to the Video Translator System.