Controlling Security Center PTZ cameras - Video Translator 4.0

Video Translator Plugin Guide 4.0

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Video Translator 4.0
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Video Translator

With the Video Translator plugin, you can control Security Center PTZ cameras that have been added to the Video Translator system.

What you should know

A PTZ camera can be controlled by clicking in the video, or by using the keyboard arrow keys.


  1. Open the Alarm Monitoring or Video Viewer application.
  2. Right-click the camera you want to view, and click Launch Video.
  3. Click the Joystick button in the toolbar.


From the PTZ toolbar, you can control the Pan/Tilt/Zoom, focus, and iris of the camera, lock PTZ controls, create a PTZ preset, or go to a specific preset.
NOTE: The features available depend on what the Security Center camera supports.