Creating video wall layouts - Video Wall 3.1

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Video Wall 3.1
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Video Wall

Save different display configurations by creating video wall layouts so that you can reuse them later or apply them to multiple video walls.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. In the Area view task, click Add an entity (), and select Video wall layout.
    The options available in the Create video wall layout window change depending on whether you are creating an EIZO wall or a generic one.
  3. Configure the following fields:
    Enter a name for the layout.
    Layout type
    Select a layout type. For EIZO video walls, you must select EIZO, and the Template list will be available.
    (EIZO walls only) Template
    Select a tile pattern from the list.
    NOTE: You can change the pattern later in Security Desk.
  4. Click Add and close.


The new video wall layout is listed in the entity browser.

After you finish

In Security Desk modify the video wall layout pattern, drag cameras or Web pages into its tiles, and apply the layout to video walls.