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Video Wall Plugin Guide 3.1

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Video Wall 3.1
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Video Wall

Integrating video walls in Security Center consists of a series of steps that need to be followed in sequence.

The following table lists the tasks required to integrate a video wall in Security Center.
Step Description Where to find more information
Learn about the release
1 Read the release notes to learn about any known issues, limitations, supported software, and other information about this release of the plugin.
2 Make sure the video wall you want to integrate is compatible with Security Center. Product compatibility for the Video Wall plugin 3.1
Install the plugin
3 Verify that the Security Center license has a valid certificate for the Video Wall plugin, by going to the Config Tool home page, clicking About > Certificates, and confirming that Video Wall is in the list.
  • The license number is included in the product-release email sent by Genetec Inc. This email also includes links to the plugin download package and other license information.
  • If you need to acquire a license, see License options for the Video Wall plugin.
4 Ensure that the servers where the plugin will be installed meet the recommended system requirements and are running a compatible version of Security Center.
5 On the Directory server, download and install the Video Wall plugin.
NOTE: This must be done even if you will be running the plugin from a different server.
Downloading and installing the Video Wall plugin
6 On all Security Center servers and client workstations from which you want to monitor video walls, download and install the Video Wall plugin.
Configure the plugin
7 Create the Video Wall plugin role on the server of your choice. Creating the Video Wall plugin role
8 Create and configure the Media Gateway role, and then from the Plugins task, on the Properties page of the Video Wall plugin, select a Media Gateway user.
9 From the Plugins task, connect to the video wall by adding a video wall unit. Adding a video wall unit
10 Configure the properties of the video wall.
NOTE: These setting might vary depending on what video wall you are using.
11 Create video wall layouts so that you can apply them to video walls.
12 Modify the layout pattern and change what is displayed on the video wall by adding cameras.
13 Apply layouts to video walls. Applying a video wall layout to a video wall
Configure alarm monitoring on the video wall
14 Create and configure alarms. Security Center Administrator Guide and the Security Desk User Guide
15 Configure alarm monitoring on a video wall using the Video Wall widget. Monitoring alarms on a video wall