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The Video Wall plugin 3.1 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Description
1871185 Changes made to a federated wall are not synchronized to the original wall.
1871182 Mirror mode does not work with federated walls.
1867782 Video wall layout and EIZO ONVIF camera entities are created in the root partition, instead of in a partition that the user has access to.
1867743 Wall units are always enrolled under the root partition, no matter which partition the plugin is in. Users without access to the root partition cannot see the new wall unit.
1867737 Federated custom entities are not supported.
Workaround: Create a VideoWall plugin on the Genetec™ Server that uses the Federation™.
1758815 Users cannot see the content displayed on an EIZO video wall even though they have access to the partition that the video wall is a member of.
Workaround: Make sure the Video Wall plugin role is a member of a partition that the user has access to.
1756017 On the Properties page of an EIZO video wall, if you modify the configuration, you can save the changes, even when the Sleep prevention mode field is left empty.
1753454 If an EIZO video wall unit is in Quick Shutdown mode, you cannot enroll it in Security Center.
Workaround: From the web page of the unit, navigate to Live Image Screen > System Status Settings, change the Current status to Live Image Screen, and then enroll the unit.
1601540 If video walls are members of a partition that you do not have access to, but their parent video wall unit is not a member of that partition, when you delete the unit, the video walls are not deleted.
Workaround: Restart the plugin role. All orphan video wall entities will be deleted on startup.
1600883 Emojis are not supported on EIZO monitors due to known character limitations.
1524089 After creating an EIZO ONVIF camera entity in Config Tool, you cannot edit the entity's settings.
Workaround: Delete the entity and then re-create it with the updated settings.
1516010 The Video Wall plugin must be installed on the Directory server, even if the plugin runs on another server.
1344906 When a video wall is deleted in Security Center, the monitor does not stop streaming content from the Media Gateway role.
Workaround: Before deleting a video wall, remove all cameras from the video wall in Security Center.