Monitoring alarms on a video wall - Video Wall 3.1

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Video Wall 3.1
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Video Wall

Using the Video Wall widget, you can configure a specific layout or video stream to be displayed on a video wall when an alarm is triggered.

Before you begin


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the Monitoring task.
  2. In the Monitoring task, from the entity browser, drag a video wall to a tile on the canvas.
    The Video Wall widget is displayed.
  3. In the widget, click .
  4. In the Alarm monitoring dialog box, configure the following fields.
    Select Any alarm or a specific alarm.
    Select what you want to be displayed when an alarm is triggered.
    The alarm camera
    The first camera associated to the alarm will be displayed.
    A specific camera
    Select a camera from the Camera list.
    A layout
    Select a layout from the Layout list.
    On any tile
    When set to ON, the content will be displayed in the first available tile on the video wall. A tile is considered available as long as it is not displaying an alarm.
    When On any tile is set to OFF, specify a tile on the video wall.
    NOTE: If you enter a number higher than the number of tiles that the video wall has, the content will be displayed following the On any tile setting.
  5. Click Close.
  6. (Optional) To ensure that a wall you are controlling reverts after you acknowledge an alarm, ensure that both Revert content on acknowledgment and Revert layout on acknowledgment are active.
    Security Desk Monitoring task Widget revert on acknowledge options
    NOTE: You might have to click More to make these options visible.
    Security Desk Monitoring task Widget More button


The alarm display behavior is listed in the Video Wall widget.

After you finish

You can edit or delete alarm display behaviors in the list by selecting one, and then clicking Edit () or Delete (), respectively.