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Video Wall

Security Center supports the following Video Wall devices. For each device, the corresponding certification level is listed.

  • Certified: The device has been tested and validated by Genetec Inc.
  • Supported by design: The device shares the same design characteristics as a certified device but has not been validated or tested by Genetec Inc.
Model Device type Firmware Certification
FDF2304W-IP 1st Generation IP Monitor 4.32 Certified
FDF4627W-IP 1st Generation IP Monitor 4.32 Certified
FDF2711W-IP 2nd Generation IP Monitor 5.40 Supported by design1
DX0211-IP 2nd Generation IP box decoder 5.40 Supported by design2

1Supports up to 16 video streams.

2If you have only one external monitor connected to the DX0211-IP, it acts like a first-generation decoder. If you connect a second monitor, the unit automatically detects the second monitor and switches to Extend mode, where the image is stretched across both monitors. You can use the EIZO Web UI to change the display mode to Duplicate, in which case the same image is displayed on each monitor.