Creating Deister access rules - deister proxSafe 3.1

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deister proxSafe 3.1
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To apply access rules to cardholders when they are in possession of a deister proxSafe asset, you must create Deister access rules in Security Center.

Before you begin

Create a schedule to apply to the Deister access rule you are creating.

What you should know

The deister proxSafe plugin role must be active in order for a Deister access rule to be created.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access control task and click the Access rules view.
  2. Click Add an entity () and select Deister access rule.
  3. In the Add Deister access rule dialog box, enter a name for the rule, and then click Add and close.
  4. In the entity browser, click Click here to refresh to show the new rule.
  5. Select the rule that you created and click the Identity tab.
  6. Select the areas that you want the rule to apply to:
    1. In the Relationships section, select Door, elevators and areas, and then click Insert an item ().
    2. In the Search dialog box, select an area and click Select.
    3. Click Apply.
  7. Click the Automatic assignment tab, and use the slider to select whether the access rule applies to All assets or Assets from the list.
    NOTE: If you select Assets from the list, click , select the assets that the access rule applies to, and then click Apply.

  8. Click the Properties tab, and select the schedule that applies to the rule.
  9. Choose how the rule is applied to cardholders when the schedule is active:
    Grant access to cardholders
    Cardholders who possess assets listed in the Automatic assignment tab are granted access to doors, elevators, areas, and other assets.
    Deny access to cardholders
    Cardholders in possession of assets listed in the Automatic assignment tab are denied access to doors, elevators, and areas.
  10. Click Apply.
    NOTE: The Cardholders affected by this rule section is automatically populated with the names of cardholders who are in possession of an asset. The add, delete and edit buttons serve no function.