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The deister proxSafe plugin 3.1 integration includes the following known lmitations.

Issue Description
2145246 You cannot connect multiple plugin roles to the same plugin database, or the same instance of Commander.
2145180 You do not receive a notification if you are trying to synchronize more cardholders than the deister proxSafe terminal allows.
2144627 Temporary access rules are interpreted as permanent access rules.
782358 Existing plugin configuration and programming will be lost if you connect the deister proxSafe plugin to a different Commander system, as the plugin configuration will be overwritten with the new system's configuration.
751272 You cannot limit the number of events received form the proxSafe system. As a result, if the proxSafe Commander Connect system is disconnected from Security Center, the deister proxSafe plugin might not be able to reconnect to the proxSafe Commander Connect system if too many events occurred while the connection was down.
748214 Synchronizing a large Security Center cardholder group (~4000 cardholders) with Commander can take hours.
Workaround: Synchronize smaller groups of cardholders.
744236 Users must have the Modify tile plugin privilege in order to manually release assets.
742270 The number of entities that are supported on the deister proxSafe system are based on C4 terminals, not C1, C2, or C6 terminals.
742263 If a cardholder is assigned multiple credentials, only the first card credential and the first PIN credential, or the first card and PIN credential, are valid on the proxSafe system.
742138 In the proxSafe Asset inventory report, if you have other plugins installed, you might see entities that are unrelated to the proxSafe system in the Entities filter list.
742136 If a cardholder is a member of more than one cardholder group, and each group has a different schedule assigned, the schedule that takes priority for that cardholder is undefined on the proxSafe system.
Workaround: Assign a schedule for the individual cardholder.
726263 Locker entities are always displayed as online in Security Center, even when they are offline in Commander.
726151 You do not receive an error message if you enter incorrect values to connect the deister proxSafe plugin role to the Commander system.
Workaround: If the deister proxSafe plugin role is yellow, verify that you entered the correct database information.
725086 If you delete assets, or unassign or assign assets to cardholders and cardholder groups after you have backed up the deister proxSafe plugin role database, those changes are not maintained when you restore the database.
723983 The deister proxSafe plugin role and database must backed and restored as a set. If you delete an asset from the proxSafe Asset management task, and then add the asset again and assign it to a cardholder, the asset is no longer available in the proxSafe Asset release task.
723344 If you do not select a partition when creating the deister proxSafe plugin role, the role is not shown in the area view under the partition.
697790 After you create an asset in Config Tool, you cannot release the asset from Security Desk until it has been issued to a cardholder from the locker, and returned to the locker at least once.