[KBA-79138] Patroller hit detection delay in University mode - Patroller 6.5 SR4 and earlier in University Parking Enforcement mode

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Patroller 6.5 SR4 and earlier in University Parking Enforcement mode
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Genetec Patroller™

[KBA-79138] Patroller hit detection delay in University mode

When a hit is detected in Genetec Patroller™, there is a long delay before the Patroller hit pop-up is displayed. This can slow down the entire hit detection queue.

Applies to

Genetec Patroller™ 6.5 SR4 or earlier configured in University Parking Enforcement mode.


There is no set limit to the number of zones that you can configure for Patroller. However, for systems running Patroller 6.5 SR4 or earlier, you might notice lag. This happens if your system includes more than about 250 zones with many permits and permit restrictions. Search operations in this type of system are resource-intensive because Patroller must parse all other zones, permits, and permit restrictions.

For example, there are 600 permits (600 zones) containing 1000 plates and 600 permit restrictions. In this case, Patroller must check up to 360,000,000 plates to find a match outside the current zone.

Patroller 6.6 introduces the Skip inactive permits hit detection feature. This allows the Patroller operator to differentiate between a permit hit raised because the vehicle does not belong to any applicable permits versus belonging to a permit that was not selected. The feature is enabled by default and greatly reduces the resources required for the search.


Do not apply the workaround if you need to match other zones or permits.
  1. In Patroller, navigate to the Advanced page.
  2. Enable Skip inactive permits hit detection.
  3. Click Apply.
Genetec Patroller™ Advanced page highlighting the "Skip inactive permit hit detection" feature.


This issue is resolved in Patroller 6.6.0.