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[KBA-79142] System unstable after uninstalling Genetec hotfix

Uninstalling any Genetec™ hotfix on Security Center versions – disables and stops the Genetec™ Watchdog and Genetec™ Server services. Depending on which server the hotfix was installed and which roles were affected, the system might be unresponsive or certain features stop working.

The following issues can occur:
  • If installed on the Directory or Directory backup server: The entire system is impacted (Video, Access control, and ALPR). Users lose connection in Config Tool and Security Desk. Expansion servers are not able to perform any function that requires connection to the Directory.
  • If installed on an expansion server: Roles (Video, Access control, or ALPR) assigned to the server fail to initialize and a warning displays for those roles in Config Tool. Entities on the server go offline.

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An issue with the process for uninstalling the hotfixes.


Manually enable and restart the Genetec Watchdog and Genetec Server services:
  1. In Windows, go to Start > Services.
  2. For both the Genetec Watchdog and Genetec Server services, double-click the service, select Automatic as the startup type, click Apply then OK.
  3. Right-click Genetec Server and click Start.
    NOTE: It takes about a minute for the service to start and show a Running status. This automatically starts the Genetec Watchdog service.


This issue will be resolved in Security Center