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Security Center SDK Release Notes

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Security Center SDK includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
2555207 When using the Web SDK, users are unable to execute the same method multiple times in one call. Instead of a list of all results, only the last result is returned.
Workaround: Execute separate calls to get one result at a time.
2483630 Executing synchronous queries from the CanExecute method of Contextual Action components deadlocks Security Desk and Config Tool.
Workaround: Use asynchronous queries (BeginQuery) instead.
2171352 5.7 SR6 Calling the Reader.AccessPoint property for the first time after an update returns duplicate/wrong access points to the SDK.
Workaround: Read the value twice. Incorrect values are only returned with the first read.
1537301 5.7 SR2 For a privilege check to be performed when a Custom entity is declared with a Custom privilege in its descriptor, the client module describing the custom privilege must be installed on the main server.