High-quality audio codecs - Sipelia™ 2.8

Sipelia User Guide 2.8

Sipelia™ 2.8

Audio quality in Sipelia™ depends on the audio codec that is used by the communication parties.

For new Sipelia™ installations, high-quality audio is available by default for communication between Security Desk workstations.

To enable high-quality audio for an intercom, the intercom must support at least one of the high-quality codecs that are supported by Sipelia™.

When upgrading a Sipelia™ system, to enable high-quality audio, you must manually change the Sipelia™ Server codec configuration. This is necessary because the Sipelia™ upgrade process does not make any changes to the existing configuration.

Supported high-quality audio codecs:

  • L.16-44-1

  • Speex (Ultrawideband)

  • Speex (Wideband)