[KBA-00735] How to Configure the Maximum Active Alarm Threshold - Omnicastâ„¢ 4.8 GA

Omnicastâ„¢ 4.8 GA

[KBA-00735] How to Configure the Maximum Active Alarm Threshold

This article explains how to change the default number of active alarms permitted on your Omnicast system.


Omnicast 4.8 comes with a "maximum active alarm" threshold. This means that for every alarm triggered after the number of active ones permitted on the system, an Active alarms threshold surpassed event is triggered every 60 seconds.

The default active alarm threshold is 100, but you can configure this value through the AlarmMaxAlarmsThreshold registry value.

More Information

To change the maximum active alarm threshold:

1. Click Start > Run, and type REGEDIT.

2. Click OK.

3. In the Registry Editor, navigate to one of the following keys:

Windows 32-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Genetec > OmnicastDirectory4.x. > AlarmMaxAlarmsThreshold

Windows 64-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432node > Genetec > OmnicastDirectory4.x. > AlarmMaxAlarmsThreshold

4. Double-click the AlarmMaxAlarmsThreshold value.

5. In the Value data field, type a value for the maximum alarm threshold.

6. Click OK.