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[KBA-79004] Unexpected LED and beeper behavior at HID readers when using Seos credentials

This article explains why the audio and visual (LED and beeper) behavior might change unexpectedly when a cardholder presents a Seos credential at an HID reader.

Applies to: Synergis™ Cloud Link


Cardholders might experience a sudden change in audio and visual (AV) response from HID Readers when using a Seos credential. For example, the AV response for access granted might switch from a magenta LED with 2 beeps to a green LED with 1 beep, or from a green LED with 1 beep to a different response. This unexpected behavior persists until there is a power reset on the reader.


A hardware issue. If your HID reader is configured to use the Seos AV settings, when a Seos card is presented at the reader the AV behavior is determined by the custom Seos AV settings. However, a racing condition can occur between the controller and the reader, causing a conflict with the reader AV and causing AV behavioral changes.


  • If your HID reader is BLE enabled, do the following:
    1. Open the HID Reader Manager mobile app.
    2. Tap Reader Settings > Audio & Visual > Credential Read LED Color.
    3. Disable the Seos Distinct option.

  • If your HID reader is not BLE enabled, contact HID and order programming cards to remove the custom Seos AV behavior.

More information

Some HID readers are shipped with the Seos AV enabled. Before ordering new HID readers, validate the configuration with your sales representative. We recommend that you disable the Seos AV option.