Assigning access rules to cardholders - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

To grant or deny a cardholder access to areas, doors, and elevators, you must assign access rules to them.

Before you begin

Create access rules in Config Tool (see the Security Center Administrator Guide).

What you should know

You can assign access rules while you are creating new cardholders, or after they are created. In this procedure, it is assumed you have already created a cardholder.

Best Practice: Assign access rules to cardholder groups, rather than to individual cardholders. Assign access rules to individual cardholders only as a temporary measure. When used too often, the access control system can quickly become unmanageable.


  1. In the Cardholder management task, select a cardholder, and then click Modify ().
  2. Click the Access rules () tab > Add ().

    A dialog box that lists all access rules in the system opens.

  3. Select the rule you want to add, and click Add.
  4. Select the access rule from the list.

    The schedule that applies to the access rule is shown in a grid on the right. Green areas indicate periods when access is granted by the rule. Red areas indicate periods when access is denied by the rule. White areas are times not specified by the schedule; therefore, access is denied.

  5. To view the access rule schedule in minutes, click .
    Use the arrow buttons to scroll left or right.
  6. To assign another access rule to the cardholder, click .
  7. To remove an access rule directly assigned to the cardholder, click .
    You cannot remove the All open rule, or the Lockdown rule.
  8. Click Save.