Door widget - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

The Door widget appears whenever a door entity is displayed in the current tile. It allows you to control the access through that door. The door widget also displays the current door status (closed or opened), the lock status (locked or unlocked), and the readers’ status (if they are shunted).

The door widget commands are described below:

Button Command Description
Unlock1 Temporarily unlock the door for 5 seconds (or whatever the duration of the Standard grant time is, as configured by the system administrator).
Override unlock schedules Unlock the door indefinitely for maintenance purposes, or keep the door locked/ unlocked for a predetermined period of time.
Cancel Cancel the unlock schedule override.
Forgive antipassback violation Forgive an antipassback violation. This button is only available when there is an antipassback violation.
Reader (Shunt or Activate) Select the reader to either Shunt (deactivate) or Activate. This button is only available when your access control equipment supports reader shunting.

1 If you hold CTRL+SHIFT when clicking the command, the command applies to all doors displayed in the canvas.