Overview of the Monitoring task - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

Use the Monitoring task to monitor events, such as access control events from doors and cardholders, license plate reads and hits from fixed and mobile LPR units, and camera related events, in real time.

The following figure shows a Monitoring task in an access control and video monitoring system.

Show events in the report pane.
Resume tracking
Show the events in the list as soon as they occur.
Clear event list
Remove all the events from the event list.
Show alarms in the report pane. The same commands as found in the Alarm monitoring task.
NOTE: The Events and Alarms toggle button only appears when you enable alarm monitoring for the Monitoring task.
B New event alerts appear on the Monitoring tab when the task is not in the foreground.
C The report pane lists events (shown here) as they occur in real time, or alarms, based on your selection.
D A tile can be used to monitor either events (tile ID is blue), alarms (tile ID is red), both, or neither (tile ID is grey).
E Select entities from the area view to view in the canvas. You can select multiple entities, and drag them onto the canvas all at once.
F Widgets used to control the entities that you are monitoring.
Hide area view
Hide the area view.
Select which entities to monitor.
Synchronize video
Synchronize the video that is displayed in the canvas.
Clear all
Clear all the configured tiles in the Monitoring task.
Change tile pattern
Change the tile pattern in the canvas.
Open the Vault
Open the Vault tool to view previously saved snapshots and exported video files.
Switch to map mode
Switch between tile mode and map mode
Hide dashboard
Hide the dashboard.