Report pane columns for the Hits task - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

After generating a report, the results of your query are listed in the report pane. This section lists the columns available for the relevant reporting task.

Accept reasons
Reason selected by the Genetec Patrollerâ„¢ user when enforcing a hit. Accept reasons are created and configured in Config Tool.
Location of the LPR read.
Annotation fields
Any annotation field defined in System > LPR Settings in the Config Tool. Shown in brackets.
Context image
Wide angle color image of the vehicle that was captured by the context camera.
Custom fields
The pre-defined custom fields for the entity. The columns only appear if custom fields are defined for the entity, and if the custom fields were made visible to you when they were created or last configured.
Device involved on the unit (reader, REX input, IO module, Strike relay, etc.).
Event timestamp
Date and time that the event occurred.
The coordinates of where the LPR event occurred.
The coordinates of where the LPR event occurred.
Offload timestamp
The date and time that the Patroller offloaded the reads/hits to Security Center.
Patroller entity name. The Patroller entity name field is not populated for fixed Sharp cameras.
Plate image
The license plate image captured by the LPR camera.
Plate origin
State that issued the license plate.
Plate read
The license plate read generated by the Sharp unit.
Indicates that the record will not be deleted from the database when the retention period (for this type of record) expires.
Protection expiration
Indicates when protection for the hit expires.
Reject reason
Reason selected by the Genetec Patrollerâ„¢ user when rejecting a hit.
Hit rule that matched the plate read.
LPR Unit
The LPR unit that read the plate and populated for a Patroller (for example, Patroller - Left, Patroller - Right, etc.), and for a fixed Sharp.
The Patroller user name. Not available at a Security Center Federation host for federated Patroller entities.
Wheel image
Image of the vehicle wheels. Used for virtual tire-chalking.