Troubleshooting: Video stream issues - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

In Security Desk, you can diagnose the status of video streams displayed in the canvas.

What you should know

Diagnosing the video stream helps you to determine at what point the flow of information is broken along the network path. Each component is displayed with information about the incoming and outgoing traffic, which tells you whether there is a potential problem with the video unit, the Archiver, the redirection to Security Desk, and so on.


  1. In Security Desk, display a camera in a tile.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

    Diagnostic information about the video stream is overlaid in the tile.

  3. Click OK to view information about each of the following video stream connections:
    Archiver or Auxiliary Archiver or Federation™ redirector
    The streaming status from the source camera to the Archiver role, Auxiliary Archiver role, or Federation™ redirector initially providing the stream.
    The streaming status from the Archiver role, Auxiliary Archiver, or Federation™ redirector to the redirector routing the stream to the next hop.
    NOTE: All redirectors involved in the routing will be listed.
    Media player
    The streaming status from the last redirector involved in the routing to your Security Desk workstation.
  4. Click Close.