Overview of the Visitor management task - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

Use the Visitor management task to check-in new visitors, modify existing visitors, and assign credentials to visitors.

The following figure shows the Visitor management task.
NOTE: You can only have one instance of this task in Security Desk.

A Find a visitor by name.
B Advanced search options.
C Find a visitor using their credential.
D Visitors whose profiles are inactive or expired are displayed in red.
E Select which columns to display by right-clicking the column headers or by typing CTRL+SHIFT+C.
F Switch between Tiles and List view.
Shows large pictures. Pictures can be resized.
List all information concerning the entity: first name, last name, picture, activation date, expiration date, check-in date, and any custom fields that are defined.
G Generate visitor reports by right-clicking the selected visitor.
  • () Time and attendance.
  • () Visit details.
  • () Visitor activities.
H Return a temporary card.
I View or modify the selected visitor.
J Check-out the selected visitor.
K Check-in a new or returning visitor.