Report pane columns for the Hardware inventory task in Security Center - Security Center 5.6

Security Center User Guide 5.6

Security Center 5.6

After generating a report, the results of your query are listed in the report pane. This section lists the columns available for the relevant reporting task.

Access control, video, intrusion detection, or LPR unit involved.
Unit type
Type or model of unit involved.
Manufacturer of the unit.
Product type
Model of the unit involved.
Role type that manages the selected entity.
Firmware version
Firmware version installed on the unit that generated the event.
IP address
IP address of the unit or computer that generated the event.
Physical address
The MAC address of the equipment's network interface.
Time zone
Time zone of the unit.
The user name used to connect to the unit.
Strength of the password on the unit. When you hover over the password strength value, a tooltip indicates if the manufacturer default password is being used.
Authentication scheme
Indicates the type of authentication being used by the camera unit, such as basic, digest, anonymous, or third party. If the unit suddenly requests to connect using a less secure authentication scheme, the Archiver rejects communication and the camera goes offline. For example, the Archiver expects the camera to be using digest authentication, but the camera tries to connect using basic authentication. The connection is rejected and the camera goes offline.
Custom fields
The pre-defined custom fields for the entity. The columns only appear if custom fields are defined for the entity, and if the custom fields were made visible to you when they were created or last configured.
Secure mode
(HID units only) Indicates whether secure mode enabled or disabled.
Upgrade status
Status of the firmware upgrade (None, Scheduled, Started, Completed, or Failed).
Next upgrade
The date for the next upgrade based on the units' Delay upgrade until setting.
Reason for upgrade failure
Reason that the firmware upgrade failed (for example, Unit offline, or Firmware upgrade path not respected).