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System Availability Monitor User Guide

System Availability Monitor

System Availability Monitor (SAM) enables you to collect health information and view the health status of your Security Center systems so that you can prevent and proactively resolve technical issues. New features, enhancements, or resolved issues are continuously added to the product and are available as of the specified date.

What's new: December 2017

Resource links
The System Availability Monitor now includes links to documentation and training resources. You can access the resources directly from the dashboard by selecting the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

What's new: October 2017

System Availability Monitor Dashboard
Provides a graphical overview of the current state of all the Security Center systems you are responsible for.
Real-Time Processing
Security Center health and availability data are processed in real-time and redirected by the System Availability Monitor Agent to the SAM Health Monitoring Services running on Azure cloud.
Specify Date Range
Review Security Center system health and availability information for a specific time span, up to 365 days.
Health information synchronization checkpoint managed in Azure cloud
Security Center system health information synchronization checkpoint is now managed by the SAM Services running in Azure cloud, no longer by the SAM agent.