Modifying the data collection settings in the System Availability Monitor Agent - System Availability Monitor

System Availability Monitor User Guide

System Availability Monitor

Genetec Inc. collects information, such as health data, about your system usage to help improve its products and anticipate customer needs. The data collection policy is prompted during the Security Center installation, but as a system administrator you can change how data is collected in the System Availability Monitor Agent.


  1. Run the System Availability Monitor Agent from the Genetec Inc. program group.
  2. Select Modify.
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    Do not collect data
    No data is collected for product improvement. If you choose this option, the monitoring service will be turned off.
    Data will be collected anonymously
    You agree to share your system data with Genetec Inc. but you want that information to remain anonymous. No activation code is required.
    NOTE: With this option, Genetec Inc.. does not receive any data (system ID, machine names, and so on) that identifies your company. Health data is disguised by your local System Availability Monitor Agent before being sent to a dedicated Health Monitoring Service in the cloud. No undisguised data will ever leave your network. This data is only used by us for statistical purposes and cannot be accessed through GTAP.
    Data will be collected and linked to my system
    You agree to share your system data and your system ID with Genetec Inc. to facilitate proactive support and improve communication. If you choose this option, you can view current issues for all systems, and use this information to see if there are any potential faults or hardware issues that need to be resolved.
    • Health data is collected
      Roles, units, and entities that you have in your system, and their availability (uptime and downtime).

    You can monitor your system data from a single place, through the page on GTAP. To benefit from this service, you must be a Genetecâ„¢ Advantage customer and obtain an activation code from GTAP. For more information, see Generating activation codes for the System Availability Monitor Agent.