Generating activation codes for the System Availability Monitor Agent - System Availability Monitor

System Availability Monitor User Guide

System Availability Monitor

To collect and report health information about a specific system, you must generate an activation code through GTAP.

Before you begin

Make sure that your system is covered by Genetecâ„¢ Advantage.

What you should know

An activation code is used to link a specific system with a System Availability Monitor Agent. This way the availability information and health issues displayed on GTAP will be associated to the right system.

Only the last generated activation code can be used to activate the System Availability Monitor Agent. As soon as a new code is generated for a specific system, all previous codes become obsolete to activate the system, however this does not affect the health monitoring currently being made on other systems.


  1. Log on to GTAP.
  2. At the top of the page, click the hamburger icon (), and then select Technical Assistance > System Management, and search for your system.
  3. Select the system for which you want to generate the activation code.
  4. Beside the System Availability Monitor label, click Generate activation code.
  5. Click OK to confirm.
  6. Write down the activation code displayed on screen.
    IMPORTANT: The activate code expires after 24 hours. You must generate a new code after this period.
  7. Click to close the window.