Configuring the System Availability Monitor Agent - System Availability Monitor

System Availability Monitor User Guide

System Availability Monitor

The System Availability Monitor (SAM) Agent is configured during the Security Center installation to listen to the Health Monitor role, hosted on your main server. The only time you need to change the default configuration of SAM Agent is if you have decided to host the SAM Agent service on a different server.


  1. Log on to your main server.
  2. From the Windows start menu, click Start > Genetec > Genetec Inc. System Availability Monitor Agent.
    The System Availability Monitor Agent application opens.
  3. If the list is empty, click to add a new server.
    An entry in the list represents a Security Center Directory server to which the agent connects to collect health data. If your Security Center deployment includes additional servers for failover of the Directory server, you can add them here.
  4. Select a server, click , and then enter the Server IP address and Port number.
    The port number corresponds to the one used by the REST service of the Security Center Directory server.
    NOTE: The default port number is 4592.
  5. Click OK > Save.
  6. Make sure that the selected port number is unblocked on your network.
  7. Make sure that the agent can connect to the server.
    If the connection fails, you may want to check that you use the same port number on the Security Center Directory server.