Running System Availability Monitor Agent on a standalone server - System Availability Monitor

System Availability Monitor User Guide

System Availability Monitor

The System Availability Monitor Agent runs on the main server by default, and must have access to the Health Monitoring Services through the Internet. If your main server does not have access to the Internet, or you are in DMZ zone, you must install and run SAMA on a server other than your main server.

Before you begin

You need to have the IP address of your Security Center main server, and do the following:
  • Prepare a server that has access to the Internet, on which you can install Security Center software.
  • Generate an activation code for the system from which you want to collect health data.


  1. Install Security Center on the new server as though it is your main server.
  2. If the Server Admin window opens, close it.
  3. Disable the Genetec Server and Genetec Watchdog services.
    You do not want these services to be running because you are not using this server as a Security Center server, since all Security Center servers must reside on your secure network.
  4. From the Windows start menu, click Start > Genetec > Genetec Inc. System Availability Monitor Agent.
    The System Availability Monitor Agent application opens.
  5. Select the server that is listed, and click .
  6. In the dialog box that appears, change the Server's IP address to the IP address of your main server.
  7. Click OK, and then click Save.
  8. Click to close the window.


SAMA starts collecting health data from your main server, and sends it to the Health Monitoring Services so system availability and health issues can be reported on GTAP.

After you finish

Log on to your main server, and disable the Windows service named Genetec SAMA, if you have not already done so.