[KBA-00128] Changing the OmnicastSvcUsr or OmnicastRPCUsr password - Omnicast™ 4.0 - 4.8

Omnicast™ 4.0 - 4.8

[KBA-00128] Changing the OmnicastSvcUsr or OmnicastRPCUsr password

This article explains how to change the password for OmnicastSvcUsr or OmnicastRPCUsr.


When Omnicast™ is installed on a new system, the InstallShield creates two Windows accounts: OmnicastSvcUsr and OmnicastRPCUsr. The default password for these two accounts is: @gwe!123

Depending of the Windows version you are using, these two accounts might appear on the user logon page. It is possible to hide these accounts using the 'TweakUI' tool available from Microsoft.

While it is possible to change the OmnicastSvcUsr password, you cannot change the OmnicastRPCUsr password.

More Information


The OmnicastSvcUsr is the account used by Windows to launch Omnicast™ services (Directory, Archiver, Gateway/IVS, WatchDog, Virtual Matrix, and so on). It is possible to assign a new password to the OmnicastSvcUsr account as long as this change is reflected in the Logon tab of all Omnicast™ services as well.

To access the Logon tab, open Windows services, right-click on any Genetec™ Omnicast™ service, and click Properties.

Although it is possible to change the password, you should be very careful when making such a change. If you forget to change the Logon password for any service, that specific service will not start.


The password for OmnicastRPCUsr must not be changed as nobody will be able to connect to the Directory. The OmnicastRPCUsr password is currently hard coded and therefore is not configurable.