[KBA-01426] SV-32 v2 Analog Encoder Compression - SV-32 5.14.0 - 6.0

SV-32 5.14.0 - 6.0

[KBA-01426] SV-32 v2 Analog Encoder Compression

This article explains how to reduce the required disk space when using analog cameras with the SV-32 v2.


In the default configuration, video files from analog cameras consume a large amount of disk space because the analog encoder card on the SV-32 v2 stores video files at a high bitrate.

More Information

Maximize the amount of video content that can be stored by making the following changes to the Video task:

  • Configure Automatic cleanup to lower the retention period of video files.
  • Lower the Recording frame rate to reduce the number of images per second.
  • Lower the Quality of the captured images.