Disabling camera inputs on encoder cards on a Streamvault™ appliance - SVA-100E | SVA-101E | SV-100E | SV-300E | SV-300E-T4 16.4

Streamvault™ Appliance 16.4 Quick Start Guide

SVA-100E | SVA-101E | SV-100E | SV-300E | SV-300E-T4 16.4

To upgrade a camera connection license from analog to IP, you must disable the camera inputs on the encoder card.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, click the About tab.
  2. Click the Omnicast™ tab, and verify the number of cameras listed next to Number of cameras and analog monitors.
    For example: 16 / 16.
  3. Open the Video task.
  4. From the entity tree, click the video unit that corresponds to the encoder card.
  5. Click the Peripherals tab, and select the cameras you need to disable.
    You can select multiple cameras by pressing Ctrl and clicking the cameras.
  6. At the bottom of the Peripherals page, click the red circle () to disable the cameras, and then click Apply.
    The disabled cameras are greyed-out and a red dot is shown to the left of each disabled camera in the list.
  7. On the About page, verify that the number of cameras is accurate.
    You might need to restart Config Tool to refresh the number of cameras.
    NOTE: If a camera that you disabled recorded video, the camera is shown in the entity tree in the Security Desk Monitoring task, and you are able to view playback from that camera.