What is included in the Streamvault™ appliance kit? - SVA-100E | SVA-101E | SV-100E | SV-300E | SV-300E-T4 16.4

Streamvault™ Appliance 16.4 Quick Start Guide

SVA-100E | SVA-101E | SV-100E | SV-300E | SV-300E-T4 16.4

The kit for a Streamvault™ 16.4 appliance includes the appliance and related hardware components.

Verify the content of the box. If any component is missing, notify us within 30 days.
NOTE: Keep the original packaging in case the components need to be returned for repair or replacement.
This kit includes the following components:
  • Streamvault™ appliance with Windows and Security Center pre-installed
  • 65W power supply with country-specific power cord (SV-100E and SVA-100E series only)
  • Getting started with your SV appliance one-sheet document

You can order the following optional items to be included in your kit:

  • All international power cords (European, United Kingdom, or Australian)
  • USB-to-Ethernet adapter
  • VESA mount