Alarm inputs and outputs of a Streamvault™ appliance - SVA-100E | SVA-101E | SV-100E | SV-300E | SV-300E-T4 16.4

Streamvault™ Appliance 16.4 Quick Start Guide

SVA-100E | SVA-101E | SV-100E | SV-300E | SV-300E-T4 16.4

If you are using a Streamvault™ appliance to implement an access control system, you can use the I/O card to connect hardware alarm inputs directly to the appliance, and then control its outputs using event-to-actions in Security Center.

I/O card specifications

The following specifications apply to Streamvault™ models that include the I/O card:

  • 4 trigger outputs
  • 8 alarm inputs
  • RS-485 communications port

About connecting I/O inputs

If you order a Streamvault™ appliance with the I/O card, you can connect the input and output wires from hardware devices directly to the I/O card on the back of the appliance. The wires should be inserted using a small flat-head screwdriver to push in the tension clamps on the connector.

About creating event-to-actions

For information on how to create event-to-actions for Streamvault™ appliance inputs and outputs, see Creating event-to-actions.