[KBA-01171] Cannot Add Axis 200 Series to Omnicast 4.8 SR4 - Omnicast™ 4.8 SR4

Omnicast™ 4.8 SR4

[KBA-01171] Cannot Add Axis 200 Series to Omnicast 4.8 SR4

This article explains why Axis 200 series units might not add to Omnicast 4.8 SR4.


Attempting to add an Axis 200 series unit (e.g. Axis 211, 213, 233) to Omnicast 4.8 SR4 results in failure. Using a packet analyzer during the process shows an “HTTP Bad Request” error.

If the unit is already in an Omnicast 4.8 system when it is upgraded to version SR4, it will function until it is rebooted, at which point it will appear offline (in red) in the entity tree and all attempts to re-add it will result in the above.


New parameters were added to Omnicast 4.8 SR4, surpassing the maximum amount supported by these units.




A hotfix is available for Omnicast 4.8 SR4 (HF125587 or later). Please contact the Genetec Technical Assistance Center to request it.

This issue is resolved in Omnicast 4.8 SR5 and later.