[KBA-01087] Cannot Play Back Large AVI Files - Security Center 3.0 - 5.2

Security Center 3.0 - 5.2

[KBA-01087] Cannot Play Back Large AVI Files

This article explains why users encounter issues when attempting to play back AVI files larger than 2GB or 4GB.


A user has exported a G64 file, resulting in an AVI file that is larger than 2GB. When attempting to view the large AVI, he is unsuccessful. The file will not play or a "The file format is invalid" error will appear. This occurs on a computer using the FAT16 file system.

On computers using the FAT32 file system, this occurs when the AVI is larger than 4GB.

More Information

This is a limitation of the Microsoft AVI File Support Library (avifil32.dll). The only way to play the AVI is to ensure it is under the 2GB/4GB filesize limitation when created.

For more information, please see Microsoft KB193656