Configuring the KiwiVision™ Manager role for distributed KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles - KiwiVision™ 4.4.0 | Security Center

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KiwiVision™ 4.4.0 | Security Center

In a multi-server setup, you must make sure that the KiwiVision™ Manager database can be accessed by the KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles so that the analytics-related events are saved.

Before you begin

What you should know

To create KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles on different machines, these roles must access the KiwiVision™ Manager database using TCP/IP. When you set the Database server to (local), it is internally replaced by the IP address of the KiwiVision™ Manager role, but is still displayed as (local) in Config Tool.

For more information, see Connecting roles to remote database servers.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the KiwiVision™ Manager role from the entity browser.
  3. Click the Resources tab to change the following settings:
    Database server
    The name of the KiwiVision™ Manager database server.
    Database name
    The name of the KiwiVision™ Manager database.
  4. Click Apply.


The KiwiVision™ Manager role is now configured and available for use.