Video analytics scenarios cannot be assigned to a KiwiVision™ Analyzer role - KiwiVision™ 4.4.0 | Security Center

KiwiVision™ User Guide for Security Center

KiwiVision™ 4.4.0 | Security Center

At least one video analytics scenario cannot be assigned to a KiwiVision™ Analyzer role.


  • There are no KiwiVision™ Analyzer role online.
  • All online KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles are excluded from automatic load balancing.
  • The scenario is excluded from automatic load balancing and the KiwiVision™ Analyzer role it is assigned to is offline.


IMPORTANT: Running a KiwiVision™ Analyzer role on a machine with CPU usage that is higher than 80% can cause video decoding issues.
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