[KBA-01134] HID firmware upgrade procedure for EVO units - Security Center | HID

[KBA-01134] HID firmware upgrade procedure for EVO units

Security Center | HID

This article explains how to upgrade the HID firmware of an EVO access control unit for use with Security Center.

What you should know

This procedure should only be attempted by an advanced user, as any errors can result in a defective or unusable unit. If assistance is required, contact the Genetecâ„¢ Technical Assistance Center.

As of Security Center 5.6, we recommend that you upgrade the HID firmware of EVO units from Config Tool. For information about upgrading your unit firmware from Config Tool, click here.

  • This procedure only applies to HID EVO units, and not to legacy VertX or EDGE units. For legacy hardware, refer to KBA-01050.
  • The doors assigned to the unit being upgraded will not function during the upgrade process.


  1. Stop communication between the Access Manager role and the unit one of the following ways:
    • Deactivate the Access Manager role that is connected to the unit.
      NOTE: Deactivating the Access Manager causes all units to go red until the role is reactivated.
    • Change the password of the unit:
      1. In Config Tool, open the Access control task.
      2. Select the unit and click the Network tab.
      3. Change the password of the unit to an invalid one and click Apply.
      4. Telnet to the unit and restart it by typing and entering reboot.
  2. On the unit's web page, verify that the firmware has been applied, and make sure that FTP, Telnet, and SSL are enabled.
  3. Open the Unit Firmware Update tool.
  4. Follow the instructions in the PDF that is included with the Unit Firmware Update Tool.
    For a list of supported firmware, supported upgrade paths, and links to firmware downloads, see Supported firmware and download links for HID EVO controllers.
    IMPORTANT: If you must perform multiple steps in the firmware upgrade (for example, upgrading from to, and then upgrading to, after every hop you must do the following:
    • Update the EEPROM by going to https://<IPAddress>/cgi-bin/update.cgi and clicking Update.
    • Enable Telnet, FTP and SSH by going to https://<IPAddress>/cgi-bin/setup.cgi?Type=adv.