What's new in Security Center 5.6 SR2 SDK - Security Center 5.6 SR2

Security Center SDK Release Notes 5.6 SR2

Security Center 5.6 SR2

With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The following capabilities are now available in the Security Center 5.6 SR2 SDK:
Create and query LicensePlate credentials
You can now create and query LicensePlate credentials using the SDK. This is useful when you want to create a LicensePlate credential for access control purposes. For example, to grant a vehicle access through a gate. The LicensePlateCredentialFormat class has been added to set the format of a credential, and this feature can be tested using the WebSdkStudio sample.
CustomFields enhancements
To improve scalability, custom fields are now implemented as a service under the SystemConfiguration entity. The service can be used to create, delete, and modify custom fields.

The following new classes have been added:

  • ICustomFieldBuilder: This class is used to build a custom field.
  • ICustomFieldService: This class is used to manipulate custom fields and related types.
  • ICustomFieldTypeBuilder: This class is used to build custom field type.

The following new members have been added:

  • The SystemConfiguration entity now contains the CustomFieldService property, and the following methods have been added:
    • GetValue
    • SetValueAsync
    • SetValue
    • CreateCustomFieldBuilder
    • CreateCustomFieldTypeBuilder
    • AddCustomFieldAsync
    • RemoveCustomFieldAsync
    • CustomFields
    • CustomFieldTypes
    • AddCustomFieldTypeAsync
    • RemoveCustomFieldTypeAsync
    • UpdateCustomFieldTypeAsync
    • GetCustomFieldType
    • GetCustomField
Improvements for ReadQuerys and HitQuerys
You can now retrieve the GeoBounds list from a ReadQuery or a HitQuery. You can also name the GeoBounds class.

The following changes have been made:

  • The GeoBounds class contains the List <GeoBounds> property in the ReadQuery and HitQuery.
  • The GeoBounds class contains a new Name property.
  • The Bounds property has been replaced by the GeoBounds property in the ReadQuery and HitQuery.