Limitations in Security Center 5.6 SR2 SDK - Security Center 5.6 SR2

Security Center SDK Release Notes 5.6 SR2

Security Center 5.6 SR2

Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

Security Center 5.6 SR2 SDK includes the following known limitations.
Issue Description
369638 Changes in the core media player affect how the SDK MediaPlayer.PlaybackSequenceListRetrieved event is raised. It is a runtime change from Security Center SDK 5.2.
240792 SetVisualTrackingConfiguration is not supported for federated cameras. Configuration of those cameras can be read, but not set.
146304 SDK: The entity cache does not update the cardholder's groups collection after a modification. When adding a CardholderGroup to a Cardholder, the CardholderGroup in the entity cache does not recognize that it has one more child.
Workaround: Manually add the Cardholder to the CardholderGroup, or run an EntityConfigurationQuery to see the update.
//Add a parent (CardholderGroup) to a child (Cardholder)

//The CardholderGroup, which is now the parent of the cardholder, does
//not recognize yet that it has one more member
CardholderCollection collection = cardholderGroup.Members;

//Manually add the cardholder to the parent.
//This is only useful to update the entity cache, so that there is no
//inconsistency between parent and child
//If this line is omitted, the user can still do an
//EntityConfigurationQuery to update the entity cache.